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Manually Resetting Paradox SP and MG Alarm Panels

This post will explain how to do a manual reset, or “factory default” on Paradox SP alarm panels, including SP5500, SP6000, and SP7000.

Note: Following these steps will return your alarm panel to its factory default state. This means all programming will be erased. Do not reset your panel unless you are familiar with panel programming and confident you will be able to program the panel as necessary.

For all SP/MG panels Excluding SP4000 and SP65:
  1. Press and hold the panel’s RESET button until the STATUS LED flashes (5 seconds).
  2. Release the RESET button, and then push it once more, within two seconds
For SP4000 / SP65 panels:
  1. Verify that the installer lock is disabled.
  2. Remove the battery and AC power from the control panel.
  3. Remove all connected wires and devices from the PG1 and zone 1 terminals.
  4. Using a wire, short the PG1 and zone 1 terminals.
  5. Reconnect the AC and battery power to the panel. Once connected, the following will occur: 1) STATUS LED flashes; 2) STATUS
    LED remains illuminated, indicating a reset is in progress; 3) STATUS LED flashes, indicating the reset is complete.
  6. Remove the jumper wire.

That’s it! Happy programming!

admin • 18/06/2015

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