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LED Savings Calculator

Use the following calculator to calculate potential savings that can be recognized by upgrading your facility to LED fixtures.

Note: The calculator is provided for reference purposes only and results are not guaranteed. Please perform your own calculations to confirm results prior to making an upgrade decision.


Average running hours per day h
Energy Cost $ per KWH
Existing Lights
Watts per fixture W
Number of Fixtures
Maintenance cost $ per month
LED Replacement
Upgrade Cost $
Watts per fixture W
Number of Fixtures
Lifetime Expected Hours h


  Existing Lighting LED Replacement
Monthly Savings    
Energy Cost Per Month
Maintenance Cost Per Month —-
Monthly Operating Savings —-
Payback Time
Cost to Upgrade —-
Monthly Operating Savings —-
Months to pay back upgrade cost —-
Lifetime Savings    
Expected lifetime of LED (years) —-
Monthly operating savings —-
Less upgrade cost —-
Total lifetime savings —-

Happy upgrading!


admin • 08/04/2020

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