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Enabling or Disabling EOL Supervision in DSC PowerSeries Panels

By default, DSC PowerSeries panels (PC1832, PC1616, PC5010, etc) monitor each zone circuit with the use of a 5600Ω end-of-line resistor (EOL). This allows the alarm panel to distinguish between a zone normal, and a short circuit condition. It is recommended to use end-of-line resistors on hardwired zones, although there may be cases where you need to disable circuit supervision.

EOL Resistors  are enabled or disabled using Option 1 in programming section 013. If Option 1 is OFF, EOL supervision is enabled. Conversely, if Option 1 is ON, EOL supervision is disabled.

[*8][Installer Code][013][Option 1]

admin • 02/08/2017

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